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Laura Michelin (born 1996) is a Swedish flutist who has distinguished herself nationally and internationally as a highly sought-after soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. Born in the city of Norrköping, Laura completed higher education in Stockholm and Munich where she received tutoring from Tobias Carron and Andrea Lieberknecht.


Laura debuted as a soloist with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2020 after winning the prestigious Soloist prize - Sweden's biggest prize for young instrumentalists and singers. The award marked the beginning of a promising career, which at this point includes performances together with numerous Swedish orchestras and ensembles. Laura has appeared on chamber music stages all over the country, playing a wide repertoire – including contemporary music dedicated to the flutist herself – and is frequently featured as a solo flutist in the great orchestras of Scandinavia. Since 2023 she holds the position as solo flutist in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The seasons of 2023/24 and 2024/25 includes performances of classical repertoire such as Mozart's and Ibert's flute concertos. Additionally, Laura will premiere two new flute concertos written by Swedish composers Britta Byström and Benjamin Staern. A recording of Swedish music for flute and piano is also on the agenda.

Scholarships awarded to Laura include GT Bäckman, the Royal Academy of Music and the Swedish Masonic Order.

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